Our philosophy


Reasoned agriculture is part of every intervention in our vine parcels and our intention is to always make the best decisions with the environment in mind.

During the winter season, natural plant cover is allowed to grow in the vineyards. We work the surface of the soil several times a year during the summer season in order to control weeds.

The parcels of the estate are harvested exclusively by hand by a team of around 60 people, mainly the Voillot family and their friends.

The grapes undergo their first rigorous sorting in the vineyard before being transported quickly to the winery. If necessary, a second sorting is carried out on the vibrating table.


Vinification of our red wines is carried out in the traditional manner. After total destemming, the harvest is put into vats to macerate for between 14 and 18 days on average.

To produce our white wines, the grapes are pressed whole. After moderate pressing, alcoholic fermentation occurs in vats.

Fermentation takes place entirely from the wild yeast particular to each parcel, which means the identity of the terroir is faithfully reflected.

We use between 10 and 15% new barrels for the maturing of our wines.